Discover the wine domain in Alsace in Ribeauvillé, Bott Frères

A mosaic of terroirs

Discover the wines in organic conversion of the Bott Frères wine estate in Ribeauvillé in the Haut Rhin, a family estate founded in 1835, and enjoy a wine tasting in Alsace. The wines in organic conversion of Domaine Bott Frères are the expression of a mosaic of terroirs, the vines being located on a geological fault, which offers the possibility of the 7 Alsatian grape varieties to flourish and to express themselves fully: Sylvaner , Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Riesling, Muscat, Gewurztraminer and Pinot Noir in red to give wines in perfect harmony with their terroir. Domaine Bott Frères cultivates plots of vines on the three grands crus of Ribeauvillé, one of the only sites in Alsace that concentrate three Grands Crus areas: The Grand Cru Kirchberg de Ribeauvillé, facing south, the Geisberg literally hill of the goat, kingdom of Riesling and Osterberg, oriented South East.

An eco-responsible approach

The Bott Frères wine estate is also a commitment to an eco-responsible approach. Respect for biodiversity is one of the family values through actions to preserve flora and fauna: planting of shrubs, honey plants, installation of nesting boxes, repair of low walls with local Alsace sandstone, paving of vineyard trails. This commitment to the environment is reflected throughout Ribeauvillé, one of the greenest municipalities in Alsace, through the Biodiversity Plan. This environmental sensitivity is embodied in the conversion of the Bott Frères vineyard to bio since 2019.

The transmission of secular know-how

Domaine Bott Frères reflects the encounter between a passionate family and an exceptional terroir, which results in the transmission of centuries-old know-how from father to son. With Paul, the son of Nicole and Laurent Bott, is now the 7th generation who takes up the torch of the vineyard and continues the tradition of excellence, helped by a team of 8 people.

Nicole Bott, regional ambassador

Nicole Bott has been working with her husband on the development of the Domaine since the 1980s. A true globe-trotter, she manages the sales and export part of the wines, traveling regularly to meet clients. Ms. Bott invests herself with passion, enthusiasm and dynamism in promoting the terroir and Alsace wines, she is a member of the CIVA committee and was named “Madame oenotourisme” in 2016.
A true ambassador of the Alsatian terroir, she is part of the Ribeauvillé tourist office, because tourist and wine tourism are particularly close to her heart. She also received the Medal of Chevalier de l’Ordre National du Mérite Agricole in 2015 in gratitude for all her investment in promoting Alsace.

Laurent Bott, multi-functional

Multi-hats, Laurent Bott loves wine as much as gastronomy! In charge of winemaking, this fine gourmet has been delivering to restaurants in Bas-Rhin every Friday for more than 40 years. Versatile, he works as well in shipping, labeling and bottling. Proud of his profession, of his estate, he leads cellar tours and passes on his know-how with passion and pleasure.

Paul Bott, the next generation of the Domaine

Son of Nicole and Laurent, Paul has taken over the destiny of the Domaine. It was in 2008 that he began working in the winery alongside his father. Demanding and rigorous, he enjoys a job well done in the care and maintenance of the vines as well as in the vinification. Always striving for quality, in search of innovation and modernity, he breathes into the Domaine new life and his dynamism to surpass himself and aim for excellence.

Gladys, a passion for wine in legacy

Versatile, Gladys, Paul’s companion, has been in charge of the commercial part of the estate since 2016: welcoming customers, managing export orders, trade shows and communication, all activities in which she participates: very meticulous, it is with ambition and rigor that she works to boost sales and promote the wines of the estate. Coming from a family of wine growers, she inherited a passion for the world of wine, naturally leading her to study in this field. With a degree in wine and spirits, the grape varieties of Alsace and the different terroirs of the Domaine no longer hold any secrets for her.